Every single design project will start out on the right foot if the client can hand the designer a solid amount of content, that has been reviewed by all the cooks in the kitchen. Final content is a designer’s dream, but we know that is also sometimes impossible.


If the content is well thought out, the designer can produce concepts that are right on target, or at the very least, close to what the client needs. In addition, the designer will be able to produce more than one concept that works well toward the end product, and will give the client great options to consider!


This is the portion of the process where the client chooses a concept/design and moves forward with tweaks to content and changes to the design. Here, the designer can really work on the finesse and prepare the files for delivery. The more time spent on the original content, the less time it takes to revise and finish up.


This final step includes the client sign-off of the final files or the final design, and then the designer prepares and collects everything for delivery, whether it is delivery to a printer or launching a live website. The designer makes sure that the client gets everything they wished for, and hopefully more!