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Stretch your creative budget by hiring freelancers. As a freelancer, I provide a higher level of personal attention to your project with a smaller hit to your bottom line.

Home Sweet Home

Full NameAmy Waggoner

BirthdaySeptember 18

Lives inChantilly, VA

Fun Facts

When I'm not creating awesome design I am a host on rover.com. I drink copious amounts of coffee. I have two four-legged kids, Roscoe, a black great dane mix and Nitro, a deaf Dalmatian. My logo features my white labrador, Bella, who passed away in April of 2016. I give chunks of time to charities I believe in. And last but not least, I will laugh at just about anything, even when inappropriate.

My Story

In May of 2000, I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and a secondary focus in Fine Art Photography. In September of 2000 I moved from the flat frozen tundra of Northwest Ohio to the Washington, DC area to begin my very first job. Since then, I have amassed invaluable knowledge as I worked in advertising agencies, non-profit organizations/associations and private corporate companies. Full time jobs and freelance gigs both allowed me to experience each different type of workplace and each bucket of constraints a good designer should know how to navigate. Being my own concept director, designer, traffic manager, production artist and vendor detective early on helped me navigate every new situation with confidence that the end product would be the best it could be.

My Hobbies

Anything that has to do with dogs. Animal Rescue. Reading. Volunteering. Football (GO PACK GO!). Intense philosophical discussions. Drinking pumpkin ale every fall.

Affiliations and Interests

New Life Christian Church (newlife.church)
Passion for Community (https://passion4community.org/)
The Freelancer's Union (www.freelancersunion.org)
American Society of Graphic Arts (www.aiga.com)
The Dandy-Walker Alliance (www.dandy-walker.org)


"Waggs," "Nitro," "Ames," "Amy-Amy," "Mayme"