This designer doesn’t blog, but here we are…

I’m not a blogger. but we live in weird times now. So here I am writing about my life as a full time freelance designer in 2024. I’m going to hopefully make these blogs short and sweet. (White text on black background, y’all.)

Photo by cottonbro studio

Since the “events of 2020,” my life as a full time freelance designer has irrevocably changed. All of a sudden meetings and events came to a halt, contracts with vendors were cancelled, people worked from home, and budgets were slashed. Employees who didn’t lose their jobs had to figure out how to do many things they didn’t have to before. 

And all of a sudden we have thousands of new in-house “designers” using “whisywig” design tools like Canva and Visme for everything from logos, flyers, and social media posts, to invitations and video presentations. 

I’ll admit, Canva is threateningly cool with a lot of features and shortcuts that mirrors years of using Adobe CC. 

So as I consider my 14 year portfolio, all the years of schooling I paid for (myself!), and the invaluable experience I’ve gained, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that one major world event may have changed the design landscape so drastically that there might not be a place for my kind of craft anymore. While trying to figure out where I fit, with things moving so quickly, A.I. replacing creative thinking and skills, it is no wonder my small business has coughed and sputtered.

I could be wrong, but it seems as though we now sacrifice quality design products at the altar of fast and cheap. I hope that’s not a global change, and I pray I can find a niche which will allow me to continue to provide thoughtful design that continues to wow my clients and foster meaningful long-term relationships. I love my design business, and the quality of life it has provided. I hate to think the new world of graphics won’t harbor a place for people like me.


This, and future blogs will most likely be geared toward that line of thinking… where do the skilled and heavily experienced graphic designers fit in the world of design now?


See you on the next rabbit trail…