[ The Process ]


Every single design project will start out on the right foot if the client can hand the designer a solid amount of content, that has been reviewed by all the cooks in the kitchen. Final content is a designer's dream, but we know that is also sometimes impossible.


If the content is well thought out, the designer can produce concepts that are right on target, or at the very least, close to what the client needs. In addition, the designer will be able to produce more than one concept that works well toward the end product, and will give the client great options to consider!


This is the portion of the process where the client chooses a concept/design and moves forward with tweaks to content and changes to the design. Here, the designer can really work on the finesse and prepare the files for delivery. The more time spent on the original content, the less time it takes to revise and finish up.


This final step includes the client sign-off of the final files or the final design, and then the designer prepares and collects everything for delivery, whether it is delivery to a printer or launching a live website. The designer makes sure that the client gets everything they wished for, and hopefully more!

  • She helps make the process easy

    You have to do a job right? You might as well do it with someone who is fun, creative and has your best interests at heart. Amy does all this and more! She helps make the process easy and always goes above and beyond to give you a great result. Her talents don’t just lie in “making something pretty” but in providing a comprehensive, well-thought-out design. Plus her Assistants, Bella & Roscoe, really carry the company.
    –Kim Echols, Director of Meetings & Events, The Reserve Officers Association, Washington, DC
  • Better than I could have envisioned!

    I am starting a new business and needed to create a website that would effectively demonstrate my mission and talents. I had all these ideas but didn't know where to start. After our first phone meeting, Amy understood what I needed and immediately went to work on producing a logo and website. She had ideas and insight about certain aspects of the design that never even occurred to me! My website and my logo are beautiful! I am so happy and proud of the design work Amy did for me. She brought my ideas to life and they are better than I could ever have envisioned.
    –Heather Meyers, Owner/Instructor, Semper Sol Yoga
  • An experienced professional

    Amy is not only an experienced professional, but she brings a level of much welcomed personality to our daily interactions. Her background allows her to understand our business and deliver products that are above our expectations without needing much explanation or direction. She is extremely responsive and has taken our marketing up a notch, with a sleek and crisp look that enables us to be competitive in the DC market. We appreciate her ability to see the details but keep her eye on the big picture, which saves us time and money.
    –David Alperstein, President, FD Stonewater
  • Her design work was spot on!

    Working with Amy on our first project, designing a new corporate brochure featuring a new product we had developed, was a good experience. One of the best moments was when we were only ten minutes into our first meeting, we realized she completely understood our goals and what we wanted to communicate with our new brochure. Her design work was spot-on and her copy suggestions made our brochure better than it otherwise would have been. Many of our prospects have commented on what a great brochure we have to present. Thanks, Amy!
    –George Steinbrenner Senior Director of Development, Pro-Line Embroidery
  • More rewarding than I could have imagined!

    Amy was able to take our charity's plain language ideas and turn them into an effective campaign with appeal to a worldwide audience. The entire experience was more rewarding than I could have ever imagined!
    –Eric Cole, Founder, The Dandy-Walker Alliance
  • Quality design that is intelligent and creative

    I worked closely with Amy for 5 years at Jones Lang LaSalle. During that time I learned a great deal about Amy’s talents, productivity and work-ethics. Amy is a very organized, detail-oriented designer who provides quality design that is intelligent and creative. She approaches each new project with a cheerful attitude and follows through with professional responsiveness. And if you need someone to watch your dog for the weekend, she’ll do that too, although a fee will apply.
    –Wayne Morris, Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.
  • A fresh take on design

    Amy’s fresh take on design is fun and creative, and her responsiveness impressed us, she got back to us so quickly! She has great client rapport and really goes above and beyond to deliver exactly what you ask for! We highly recommend her and we’ve put her at the top of our go-to list.
    –Amy Gaus, Corporate Event Planner, The National Zoo, Washington, DC