My Dog the Dick

May 8, 2013 amywaggs No comments

No, his name isn’t “Dick,” although I’m considering the change.

So this venture into the freelance world is definitely awesome, and it’s going to be a great lifestyle change, but there are a few things that are going to be challenging for me to overcome. For instance, I hate talking on the phone. I always have. When I was growing up, my friends would call me after school, and I remember saying often, “Dude, we just saw each other for 9 hours, what do you want now?”

So when a client calls me, I try to be efficient and yet engaging on the phone. I have this new client whom I’d never spoken to before, and it was our first time getting to know each other in that way. I pick up the phone, put it on speaker, and….

… at that very moment, my dog, the dickhead began barking as loud as possible at the supposed intrusion of another human being in my office. To make things worse, I had 3 other dogs in the room, who apparently agreed that this was something to be taken seriously and joined in barking their heads off.

I was so embarrassed. I had to ask the client to hang on a sec, and usher the 4 jerks out into the hallway while slamming the door behind them. Couldn’t have been a great first impression, but thankfully I’ve continued to do more work for this client (today at least).

I have no problems at all with us freelancers getting the luxury of working from home, but when I was working a full time job in the office, and I heard dogs barking in the background while I myself, was talking to a freelancer, it just rubbed it in my face that they were home with their dogs and I was not.

What do you think? Should I change my dog’s name to “Dick” or was it not that big of a deal? I’m still embarrassed.

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