Make it “Pretty”

September 16, 2014 amywaggs No comments

“Could you take this Word Document / Power Point / Email / Flyer / Brochure and make it pretty?”


Say that to a designer and you’re guaranteed to be met with an eye roll, a disgusted look, or a tear slowly rolling down their cheek. They may shut down completely and start rocking back and forth slowly cradling their Macbook Pro and singing show tunes.

As designers, we grow weary of feeling like our profession is simply decoration. Well-qualified and highly talented designers are capable of doing so much more, and if you’re a client, you should expect more than that.


If you want your designer to simply make it pretty, they might pull out their little sister’s Bedazzler(TM) and go to town on your Word file. But there are 101 things a designer is capable of beyond being able to “decorate” content. I won’t list them all, but here are the lucky seven that you should file away.

  1. Designers can take a vague idea that is in your head and make it a reality.
  2. Designers make your text easier to read and even easier to comprehend. In addition, we make sure the MOST important concept is immediately grasped by your viewer.
  3. Designers make people want to keep reading the above.
  4. We are the genies that make YOU look professional and look like an expert in front of your boss/clients/audience.
  5. Designers help you decide when to use words, pictures or digital media and how to use them the right way.
  6. We know how to help you spend your money efficiently and tell you when you’re wasting it.
  7. We can explain the difference between PMS, CMYK, RGB, and HEX and we can make sure you know when to use PMS and not RGB when you’re going to be printing on that offset press. What’s an offset press you say? We’ll explain that to you, too.

Your visual acceptance of our work is the result of careful decision-making built around grid systems, perfect ratios, color theory, typography and—no, I won’t make your logo bigger—white space. We also carefully analyze the importance or weight of each section or piece to encourage the recipient to digest the material in the right order.

We also know we have mere seconds to get someone’s attention.

In the end, your design piece WILL be pretty. Just remember, there’s a lot more than you think that goes in to getting it that way.

Instead of asking your neighborhood designer to “make it pretty,” perhaps you should ask them to help you reach your audience in a way that will help you sell your widgets. Because we love being asked to do that!

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